FITS stands for Flexible Image Transport System. This is an open standard originally developed for the astronomy community to store telescope images together with tables of spectral information. Over the years it has developed into a scientific standard [W. D. Pence et al., A&A, 524 (2010) A42]. The standard is maintained by the FITS Support Office at NASA/GSFC [FITS standard - Version 4.0]. This website also offers a FITS Conformance Verifier.

CamiFITS offers the basic FITS functionality for scientific users not requiring celestal coordinates. Optional Conforming Extensions are under development. The user can create, read and extend .fits files as well as create, edit and delete user-defined metainformation.

Disclaimer 2023-10-5: The author is currently writing the documentation. In this process the code is tested, both with regard to FITS conformance and runtest coverage. Known issues remain to be solved but the package steadily converges to a stable form.

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The package is installed using the Julia package manager

julia> using Pkg; Pkg.add("CamiFITS")

julia> using CamiFITS